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Vinyl Flooring in Cypress, TX

Discover endless design options with a new set of luxury vinyl flooring from Flaherty’s Flooring America in Cypress, TX. Choose between luxury vinyl planking (LVP) or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) for a look that will fit any room of the house. We understand that true hardwood or ceramic tile can be a costly investment that can set you back financially for years. With our vinyl flooring alternatives, you’ll find an affordable range of authentically crafted materials, built to mimic stone, ceramic, porcelain, marble, or hardwood flooring.

Thanks to Flooring America’s nationwide 500-store buying power, we’ve become the area’s leading flooring provider, offering a large inventory of diverse colors, patterns, textures, and designs. Stop by our showroom at any point to chat with a helpful member of the design team. Our comprehensive services range from in-home measurements to product selection and professional installation. Begin browsing our online catalog to discover our currently available products, featuring some of the following elite brands:

  • Core Elements
  • Downs H2O
  • Genua
  • Galvanite
  • Spotlight Values
  • Mannington
  • Mohawk
  • Shaw

Do You Prefer Luxury Vinyl Tile or Planks?

While ceramic tiles and hardwood floors can be limited to certain rooms of the house, you can install LVP and LVT in virtually any interior setting. Having a solid understanding of your style preferences, budget, and design goals will help you decide if tile or planking is the best choice for your remodel. You can plan a convention look for your home or stray from tradition and give your bathroom a wood look for example, or even a mosaic tile in your living room for an exotic touch. Regardless of which home fashion fits your taste, it’s important to review the differences between both luxury vinyl types:

Luxury Vinyl Plank

LVP is the most popular choice for those looking to replicate natural hard or softwood planking. Unlike traditional vinyl sheets which are thin and use adhesive for installation, LVP is extremely thick and durable, with a wear layer that can withstand scratches, heat, fading, and water damage. One of the benefits of choosing LVP over hardwood is the soft feeling underfoot without the risk of splinters, warping, or the absorption of stains. Although wood-look LVP is one of the most popular options, LVP can also mimic the vibrant aesthetic of ceramic, stone, or porcelain.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Like LVP, luxury vinyl tile offers the same comfort and durability as its counterpart. LVT is typically cut into square tiles as opposed to planks. In most cases, customers seek out LVT as an alternative to ceramic, porcelain, slate, and stone, though wood-look tile is available as well. While traditional ceramics can be porous and absorb some moisture, LVT naturally repels liquids making cleaning easy and stress-free.

Dependable Waterproof Performance & Easy Maintenance

Investing in luxury vinyl means you’ll receive a set of flooring that won’t suffer deep stains, scratches, chips, or warping while keeping its original form under heavy foot traffic. Our LVP and LVT selections are engineered with a dense interior and a wear layer that naturally provides waterproof capabilities. Tough spills, overflowing, or pet accidents are easily removed with a mop, soap, and water without damaging the subfloor. For years, sheet vinyl has served as an already existing, dependable flooring choice for active families. Advances in vinyl production have taken this flooring solution’s durability to new heights in plank or tile form!

Sweeping and vacuuming regularly are also recommended to keep your surface spick and span. While you have the option to use various cleaning products of your choice, we always recommend consulting your product’s warranty as some harsh chemicals can be damaging to a vinyl surface.

Quality Vinyl Installation Services You Deserve

Get the best value from your purchase and ensure that your home is protected during a flooring project by turning to our team for the installation of your new floors. When you turn to our team for luxury vinyl flooring installation, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands. A DIY install can lead to shoddy craftsmanship. We take the proper steps to ensure that everything goes smoothly, resulting in the finest finished product possible. Following the purchase of your luxury vinyl floor, you can schedule an appointment with our team at a time that works best for you. Our LVP and LVT products are backed by an Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. We are positive that you’ll love our installation job, but should you find yourself dissatisfied, give us a call within 30 days. We will replace your product with a similar option, free of charge.


Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of resilient flooring. We serve customers in Cypress, Stafford, Houston, TX, and surrounding communities.

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